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The trick is to keep breathing.
She’s lost in coma where it’s beautiful.
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11th-Apr-2007 09:24 pm - creabea
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8th-Apr-2007 05:05 pm - Easter

Happy easter everyone~!

22nd-Dec-2006 05:01 pm - 清春...

He's preforming tonight at Zepp Tokyo..
Wish I could be there! ;-; haha.

So today was nice n__n cosy shopping with Cami :D
I bought some really nice pants for only €14,90 hehe~

Pic will follow.. sometime XD

Party at Rianne's tonight :0 wieeej. and then tomorrow off to Cami X3 yay~

Only have a week holidays D; because of internship, will spend most at Cami's place XD so if you don't hear from me, don't worry! I'm just rolling around in Cami's bed 8D~

Oh yeah, Cami I really hope our plans for Carnaval are going to work out *_* XDDD~

Love you all poopies~! Have great holidays ^_^ (Altough I'm sure I'll update again before christmas ;p)
2nd-Nov-2006 11:23 am - homg XD
Specially for isaviel and cami_sama~

19th-Jan-2006 02:09 pm(no subject)
I won't believe in heaven and hell
No saints, no sinners, no devil as well
No pearly gates, no thorny crown
You're always letting us humans down
The wars you bring, the babies you drown
Those lost at sea and never found
And it's the same the whole world 'round
The hurt I see helps to compound
That Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Is just somebody's unholy hoax
And if you're up there you'd perceive
That my heart's here upon my sleeve

If there's one thing I don't believe in
It's you
Dear God

I've just been hearing so much sad stories lately :(
29th-Nov-2005 10:25 pm - Yay! :D
Yes yes you know I had to XD.

And i cutted the rules thing because it's blabla -0-;;
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My wishlist:

1. Kyo. >_> what!?
2. Leopard printed blazer/stockings/anything really XD
3. Coloured/fun contacts.
4. Permission to dye half of my hair black/dark brown -0-;;
5. White creepers <3~
6. Bondage pants.
7. My little pony's XD
8. Underwear :/ XD. but cool ones with nice prints.
9. Eyeshadow. like..cool funky colours *O*
10. Skull rings :]

XD no I'm not obsessed with clothes.
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