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The trick is to keep breathing.
She’s lost in coma where it’s beautiful.
Welcome to the garden of.. DESTRUCTION 
8th-Nov-2007 03:23 pm

So yeah where to start!?

Juul Val and I arriverd at the hall around 9ish? yes, AM. and we quickly checked it out and then dumped our stuff in the hostel.
We headed back and acted like retards and basically waited the whole day long, keeping our spots and whatever :).
Between 1-2 the tourbus arrived and we kept seeing them walking around xD it was funny.. and a good distraction.

So after hoooours of waiting the crowd still wasn't really big.. but whatever. Finally the doors opened and we RACED inside, not wanting to lose the spots we had been waiting for ofcourse.
We where the second people after Juu in the hall :D so I got right up in front Kyo *___* slddslgksg. and the stage was so tiny and so fucking close, argh. It got me all nervous.
The people poured in and they tested the instruments and shit.. when finnaly it started;

00 new Intro
02 凌辱の雨 {ryoujoku no ame}
07 HYDRA -666-
12 dead tree
13 Merciless Cult

EN01 砂上の唄 {Sajou no Uta}
EN02 鼓動 {Kodou}
EN04 朔, -saku-

Personally I didn't really hear the new intro? but whatever xD.
Argh damn Kyo can dance! seriously XD.
The first song the lights where all annoying and you could hardly make them out.. but the second it already got better and you could actually see their faces >_>
I noticed the first few songs Kyo was just squinting.. hardly opening his eyes XD but later on he did and damn, that stare is intimidating O_O

They all looked so handsome and I was so happy to see them so energetic and into it :D It really was the first concert of them where I had the feeling they where actually enjoying themselves, enjoying to play for us. It was so great.

I dunno which song he did it on but.. well eventually Kyo's shirt came off ofcourse and.. it looked like he was adjusting the chain from his pants, but he got his needle, or whatever it is, out and blargh x_X
I think a lot of people actually cheered when he did that.. I just kept silent and made a not too happy face, haha.. I think he actually looked over me then, I dunno.
Anyway I was glad he just sliced across his chest a few times and then stopped, and that he wasn't all in trance and into it.. like in cologne because that was really freaky.
It was soon over and that made me go 'phew' and the concert rocked on \m/

Seriously they rocked so hard XD and the monk like singing part Kyo did... they where fucking amazing. At one point he just went from chanting or whatever to singing so clear and high and wow ♥ that man can really sing. I was so impressed by that.

And kudos for the audience. Really guys, we all made is such a great concert along with the boys. I was SO glad nobody decided to take pictures secretly and mess up. Or to go hysterical (even though those germans kept screaming their names on the most random of times -__-) and that so many people sang along :D I'm so sure they heard us and where impressed, and Kyo even let us sing a long parts, which was awesome.
I think it had been a long time since they had played for such a small crowd, but because everyone seemed to be so into it and enjoying I think they had a great time too.

So.. to put it shorts.. the setlist wasn't everything but they played the songs really good. They totally kicked ass XD even though the sound quality wasn't everything in the venue.
I am so ........ ARGHH I could just talk about it for HOURS :D

So after the concert we went to the merch and OMG THEY FINALLY HAD GIRLIE SHIRTS O: shirts that FIT. So I bought one for me and Cami and also the keychain/phonestrap things because they where cute and cheap for once.

We headed out and where dead and I saw Mila :D yay. and ehmm .. well a lot of not very interessting stuff happened.

At some point we where back there and behind the tourbus with a few of us, waiting for them.. and eventually they came out :D
I think at first they where a bit like "omg no" but we were polite and just clapped for them and said it was a great live.
Kaoru looked at us and nodded and smiled, he looked like a proud daddy xD
Shinya was all desorientated XD and zigzagged to the bus.
Die was being all... XD stupid. And kept his hand infront of his face, even though we didn't take pics at all :/ he nearly tripped over something before walking up to the bus.
Kyo just stood there.. hiding behind his fluffy mass of hair, looking at the thing Die almost tripped over for a while while Toshiya laughed about it before he walked to the bus..
and Toshiya walked off and then turned, waving at us and he said "Thank you, bye bye!" :D it was so sweet.
We waved at the bus and blablabla omg.

Headed back to the hostel, sat in the fucking cold for some hours talking and spazzing XD and... seeing a woman with one arm invade our hostel :/ wtf scary shit XD.

We finally went to sleep at like 2 AM or something? I slept after 2 minuts, haha. later I woke up because cami was making a fuzz next to me, I can't remember at all what I said or what she said XD but the next morning she told me she woke up screaming because of her calves cramped and I shushed her sweetly, LOL. also, some guys went to pee in the morning and we could just hear XD and he was all "LALALAAA :D" and I laughed and then fell asleep again.. XD so random.

So now, finally HOME and.. BROKEN XD ARGH.

I'm curious about the pics though O: woo.

Argh Dir... ♥
8th-Nov-2007 03:06 pm (UTC)
Even though they're all about PAIN AND DEATH AND DESTRUCTION.. they always make me laugh and happy. I'm never going into a McDonalds with you and Cami again. Bad things always seem to happen. And weird things said. I'm starting to share Maartje's penis phobia.

8th-Nov-2007 03:08 pm (UTC)
haha I know right? at once poinht Kyo was going this... elephant thing with his arms and I just cracked XD. it was ... hilarious >_>

OH XD the Mac.. XD that was bad. And I thought the weirdest thing was the guys next to us didn't seem to notice anything weird at all, haha.
8th-Nov-2007 03:14 pm (UTC)

NO WAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D MUST.GET.ONE! w00t.

anyway, i'm glad you had so much fun and got to stand right in front of kyo, too. <3333
8th-Nov-2007 03:29 pm (UTC)
glad I'm not the only one who noticed the sound wasnt to great in the hall. I had trouble hearing Kyo in the beginning.

As for the needle thing 0_o I'm sorry but it looked to fake. I could be totally wrong (I hope not) but the blood just stopped moving down 0____o that confused me actually cause it should have just continued moving down as far as I know. It was sad to see though x_x so I looked away. Don't like it when he does that and I wanted to hurt the fans screaming.

Some girl infront of me was taking pictures with her phone actually x_x;;

It was cool that people were singing along but I felt that at some parts they should have stayed quiet. Not just with the singing but screaming aswell. There were some moments that just demanded us to be quiet yet people screamed. Thats how I saw it anyway ^^;;;

aw you guys saw them after the concert! x_x wish I had been there would have been awesome to see them off stage.

Glad to know you enjoyed the concert ^__^
8th-Nov-2007 06:38 pm (UTC)
it wasnt the sound in the hall that was the problem if you watched during soundchecks they checked everything cept for lead vocal mic all the instruments were just set higher than that
8th-Nov-2007 06:39 pm (UTC)
omg that was dancing here i was thinking he was having an heart attack and yet was able to "sing" xD
8th-Nov-2007 07:53 pm (UTC)
9th-Nov-2007 11:11 pm (UTC)
ohja ik had je toch verteld over dat ene meisje wat naart concert in A'dam zou komen? Die DxK fanfic writer...

Ze hadde Die gezien, ergens buiten de burger king
vet stoerr ;oo; maar klaat het je nog wel een keer lezen xD
18th-Nov-2007 01:16 pm (UTC)
i think it was a amasing day for you :D

i hope the come back to germany...i want to see dir en grey...
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